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Casimiration oder der Anfang des Träumens (NL 2007) von Iris Piers

"Casimiration or the Beginning of Dreaming" (c) 2007 by Iris Piers

von: irispiers; aufgeschaltet am 15.01.2008 22:32

Casimiration or the Beginning of Dreaming is a short experimental piece by Dutch filmmaker Iris M. Piers.

Iris Piers uses a small digital camera, a magnifying glass, pen, paper, voice and various instruments to create small pieces of everyday surrealism on her laptop.
By compressing the specific repetitive and time related playground that she considers as everyday life into a compact and often very short form, she hopes to show a fragment of a dream or a thought. A small moment in the mind that comes out of nowhere:

“Casimiration was created for Casimir Schneider, a man I dreamed about last December when I was having a high fever. Big birds with glittering orange wings hover above the ground. Books and drawings are falling away from me through a glass and brass tunnel..”

Casimiration was first screened on the 4th of May 2007 in New York City, at LMAK Gallery in Chelsea. It was part of the group exhibition TV Dinners curated by Louky Keijser.
A few months later it won the Jury Award for Best Online Film at the Dutch Film Festival (Nederlands Film Festival). The Jury says about Casimiration:

“We have based our choice on the quality of the movie, the idea behind it, the message and most of all the format that is very representable on the Internet. We think 'Casimiration' is a poetic, lyrical and surreal movie that answers to all our criteria."

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