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Damit wir das Projekt 451° Filmportal aufrecht erhalten können, sind wir auf deine Spende angewiesen. Vielen Dank!


6.3. - 10.3.24 Tampere Film Festival

6.3. - 10.3.24 Tampere Film Festival

Wichtiges Kurzfilmfestival mit nationalen und internationalen Wettbewerben.

The heart of the programme is formed by International and National Short Film Competitions. The festival receives approximately 4000 submissions annually. Out of those, an estimated 110 films from 40 countries are selected.

The International Competition is amongst the most acknowledged short film competitions in the world. Tampere Film Festival’s International Competition is an Oscar®, BAFTA and EFA qualifying short film competition, meaning the world’s most trusted film organisations let us nominate films for their award categories. The National Competition showcases current feature-length documentaries alongside Finnish short films and is one of the most important platforms for Finnish filmmakers.

Films are screened outside of the competition series in Special Programmes. Retrospectives, tributes, guest curators, documentary films, you name it! To add to your festival experience, Tampere Film Festival offers a plethora of panels, seminars and workshops for professionals and the public alike.


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