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Zbigniew Alexander Bodzek

Funktion Kamera, Licht
Funktion Präzisierung Videokamera (DoP), Filmkamera (DoP), Schwenker (camera operator), Chefbeleuchtung, Beleuchtung
Funktion (Anmerkungen) Filmkamera (DoP), Schwenker (camera operator)
Website Company's website
Telefon 076 814 00 44
Sprachen English, Polish, A2 German and French
Wohnort Zürich, Breslau
Land Schweiz


During my 17 years of education and work experience, I have held various roles along the filmmaking pipeline to perfect my knowledge about the whole production process. I have always been excited to learn new things and teach them back (I give classes at the Wroclaw Film School). In Poland I ran my own company Let Me See Productions. I have been constantly expressing myself creatively by doing my own movies or working on film sets.

Most of the time I work as a DP. To somehow give an impression of who I am and what I can do, I will summarize some bits: I was nominated to festivals (Toronto, New York) for a short feature On My Way, and awarded for short Neither Peace nor Quietness. I did a lot of music videos, ads, and a few documentaries. Recent films I produced (worked there as a creative director and a cinematographer) have been screened on Mezzo TV satellites in 60 countries, and on Polish national television. In the last gig, I was DP for one of the largest events in the classical music industry at the International Classical Music Awards, partnering with Deutsche Welle and ICMA team. I was working as a multi-camera director and a broadcast camera operator during classical music and sport streaming, live transmission and recordings. I had an extraordinary opportunity to work on feature film sets with renowned directors like Denis Villeneuve, Pawłowski, Jan Jakub Kolski among others, to learn the feature film production process.

My specialty is vast experience with any kind of high-end lighting equipment, from the big Arri HMI units through stage moving heads up to small, self-designed practicals. I work efficiently by using the right tools for the job. Whenever it’s needed I’m creating pre-vis in 3d or CAD software, planning electric routes and power demands, rigging plans, and realistic schedules. I was programming and designing lighting for huge areas, working also on stages. If necessary I am able to improvise quickly to find the best possible solution and get a great shot. My expertise has grown also in top-level shows. As a Head of the Lighting and Video Department I worked for European Film Awards 2016, World Games 2017, Akram Khan Until the Lions, and more than 1000 concerts, events, operas, performances), as a Lighting Designer (Che Malambo, SHMIB, Zbigniew Preisner, Hugh Masekela, Eivind Aarset Quartet, Ron Carter, Macy Gray, John Zorn, Cecile McLorin Salvant, Bobo Stenson Trio, Leszek Możdżer, Gregory Porter, Wynton Marsalis, Bobby McFerrin, Raz Dwa Trzy, Jesse Cook and many more).

Each of these roles helped me to become a more aware cinematographer which is my main creative direction.


2006 - 2012 University of Wroclaw, Physics and Astronomy Department
2011 - 2012 Film Stunt School of Marek Solek “13”, stuntman
2016 - 2019 Wroclaw FIlm School, directing and cinematography
2017 - 2022 Filmmaking Academy of Shane Hurlbut ASC, cinematography, lighting, camera assisting

Film (Auswahl)

2011 Alive in Africa Zbigniew Alexander Bodzek Director-DoP Jasne.
2013 Babel Michał Dawidowicz DoP FilmOwca Productions
2014 Lost Martial Arts Tomasz Lewandowski Gaffer Paralaksa
2015 Thabarwa Zbigniew Alexander Bodzek Director-DoP Jasne.
2016 Philosophy of Diving Zbigniew Alexander Bodzek Director-DoP Jasne.
2016 A knife in the butter Mikołaj Kałużny Lighting Wroclaw Film School
2017 Return Piotr Rozbicki Camera operator Wroclaw Film School
2017 Dark Triangle Tatiana Zdaniewicz Camera operator Wroclaw Film School
2018 Mazel Tov Zbigniew Alexander Bodzek Director-DoP Jasne.
2018 Stronghold of Silberberg Zbigniew Alexander Bodzek, Michał Dawidowicz Co-director, DoP Jasne.
2018 Andre Tire Aniela Astrid Gabryel 2nd director KOI studio
2018 Revenants Paweł Passini Head of the lighting department National Forum of Music
2018 Neither peace nor quietness Zbigniew Alexander Bodzek, Michał Dawidowicz Co-director, DoP National Forum of Music
2020 Kolisko Michał Dawidowicz Editor, camera 2nd unit PISF
2020 On My Way Elwira Iwanowska DoP Wroclaw Film School
2020 Weda Michał Dawidowicz DoP Jasne.
2020 Karmina Wiktor Ejsmond Camera operator Wroclaw Film School
2020 Chants de Noel Bożena Bujnicka LD / DoP National Forum of Music
2021 Bruckner and Poulenc Bożena Bujnicka LD / DoP National Forum of Music
2021 The Republic of Children Jan Jakub Kolski Stuntman Wytwórnia Doświadczalna
2021 Passion of st. John Bożena Bujnicka LD / DoP National Forum of Music
2021 Missa dei Patris Bożena Bujnicka LD / DoP National Forum of Music
2021 Piazzolla Bożena Bujnicka LD / DoP National Forum of Music
2021 Completorium Bożena Bujnicka LD / DoP National Forum of Music
2022 Rappresentatione di anima et di corpo Erika Rombaldoni LD / DoP MEZZO
2022 Il Viaggio dei Bassano, LD / DoP MEZZO
2023 Jefte Bożena Bujnicka DoP National Forum of Music
2023 Różne drogi do świętości Aniela Astrid Gabryel Budowa dekoracji PWSFTiT Łódź


2018 Half finalist · Los Angeles CineFest, Los Angeles, USA
2018 Finalist in Experimental · SHORT TO THE POINT, Bucharest, Romania
2018 Award in category „Super Short” · Alternative Film Festival, Picciano, Italy
2018 Award in category Best Experimental · Feel the Reel International Film Festival, Glasgow, UK
2020 Award of Excellence · CANADA SHORTS Film Festival
2020 Winner 2nd Award · The World of Maklak Film Festival
2020 Winner in category Best Short Film · FLOW Film Festival
2021 Honourable Mention · Asia South East Short Film Festival
2022 National broadcast release, TVP Kultura
2022 International Broadcast release, MEZZO