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Jonas Ballmann

Funktion Kamera, Produktion, Regie, Schnitt/Postproduction
Funktion Präzisierung Regie, Videokamera (DoP), Produktionsleitung, Editor Film, Editor Video
Website Website
Telefon +41797261752
Sprachen Deutsch
Wohnort Wangen SZ
Land Schweiz
Wohnmöglichkeiten Zürich, St.Gallen, Bern, Chur


Jonas Ballmann was born in Lachen SZ in 1990 and became involved with film and photography at an early age. At the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons he learned everything about the creation of audiovisual content in various subjects: both in the creative, as well as in the economic process. In addition to the film-related subjects, Jonas was also able to acquire skills in the areas of content marketing and specifically in social media campaigning. He produced dozens of film projects as term papers and delved deeper into the field of „content development.“ Jonas completed his first degree in summer 2017 with the title Media Engineering in the specialization Branded Motion, i.e. visual storytelling for brands. Subsequently, Jonas studied in the master’s program Film in the specialization Creative Producing at the Zurich University of the Arts. He worked on various projects and independently produced his own works for various clients with a focus on creation and production for different media and brands. Today Jonas is Film & Creative Director at Moviemaint in Chur and works as Video Producer at Swiss Radio and Television (SRF) in Zurich.


2007-2011 Dip. Multimedia Elektroniker TBZ
2011-2014 Ton- / Kameratechnik AAM / NBF
2014-2017 Multimedia Producer FH HTW CHUR
2018-2020 Master of Arts ZFH in Film

Film (Auswahl)

2016 Migros - Besser Jonas Ballmann Regie HTW Chur
2016 SMOKEFREE - KAMPAGNE Dario Schmieder Produzent HTW Chur
2017 Push Trough Jonas Ballmann Regie HTW Chur
2019 Happy Birthday Lisa Gertsch Producer ZHdK Zürich
2019 22:57 Linie 34 Michael Karrer Producer ZHdK Zürich
2020-2022 SRF «Zwei am Morge» Jonas Ballmann Regie SRF
2021 So weit so gut Leon Schwitter Produzent ZHdK Zürich
2022 INVIA Kampagne Jonas Ballmann Regie Moviemaint GmbH
2022 Space Walk Lenzerheide Jonas Ballmann Regie Moviemaint GmbH
2022 SOB Sommer/Herbst Kampagne Jonas Ballmann Regie Moviemaint GmbH
2022 Play RTR Kampagne Jonas Ballmann Regie Moviemaint GmbH
2022 ÖKK HCD Spots Jonas Ballmann Regie Moviemaint GmbH


2016 Top Ten - ZFF 72
2019 Bester Schweizer Film» Schweizer Wettbeweb II: Prinzip Hoffnung – 23. Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur
2021 Official Selection 43. Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis