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Frank Kozlowski

Funktion Musik
Funktion Präzisierung Komposition, Musik Produktion, Musik Editing
Funktion (Anmerkungen) Soundtrack writing und co-writing in Klassik, Pop, Pop-Rock, Rock, Prog-Rock, Jazz-Fusion, Dance-Techno
Ich schreibe für Doku . Romantic, Actton, Krimi
Sprachen deutsch,polnisch, russisch, französisch,englisch
Wohnort Strasbourg
Land Frankreich
Wohnmöglichkeiten Basel


As a little boy l wanted to be director. When you listen tu classical music since l was purely filled correctly. Later, it began with a music school, rock music his own and the usual. Now l am fully aware l realize now it`s revived the purpose and dream of this little boy , write music and inspire people again. My door is open to filmmakers, bands and performers. „

Back to the roots
Between the violin clef and the MIDI-track

Frank Kozlowski was born ( Germany ) in Magdeburg on 25/11/1966 .
With he wandered by diversifying family from 5 to Poland. There he attended
a full-time music school in 1972 until 1982. His main subjects were piano ,B - clarinet and vocals.
1981-1982 he took part in a conductor training at the School of Music Symphony Orchestra
part in Elblag the early years as a 13 year old boy,
he started all musical classic works transform into rock ' n' roll versions .
As a 15 year old , he formed a school band and participated in various competitions .
1983 emigrated to Germany Frank Kozlowski .
1983 -1986 he worked in a recording studio in Freudenstadt - Germany known and lesser known artists .
In 1983, Frank i at a music competition held in Cologne where he has won as a winner
of a songwriter contest his first synthesizer .
He played some of the bands in the region of Karlsruhe and Stuttgart.
In 1991, Frank began to write scenes more and more music .
2007 Frank emigrated to France .
In 2011 he founded the company Delta musique and began to write and produce soundtracks .
2013 Frank was testing some Soundtacks on various portals successfully .
Some soundtracks talking up to 21 weeks at number 1
2014 Frank founded a talent base for young musicians
Since 2014 member of GEMA
Represented since 2014 by a major music publisher


Music education in Poland
Studio N° 1 Freudenstadt / Germany
SIXX , SAGA Germany / Canada
Kenny Aronoff USA


My job is the best of music for a film
to compose.
I also work a lot with FX sound effects.
I work quickly and reliably.


1972-1982 Vollzeitmusikschule in Polen Klavier, Klarinette, Gesang

Film (Auswahl)