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Looking for Male Dancer

von: Alice K; aufgeschaltet am 19.05.2016 11:14

Male Dancer: 20 - 40 years old

The Show: Performed in a non-traditional theatre space, this is a unique project where the audience will be able to wander freely and immerse themselves in the piece. We will be using actors and dancers to create our world, and are now just looking for one more male dancer.

Performance Date: Saturday 18th June, Zurich (whole day).

Rehearsals: 12th - 18th June, Zurich. Exact times to be confirmed with the performers

Payment: As we are a very new company just starting out, there is unfortunately no payment but this will be a good chance to work on a unique, innovative performance with a passionate production team.

Deadline for Applications: Tuesday 24th May

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