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29.8. - 4.9.22 Odense International Film Festival

29.8. - 4.9.22 Odense International Film Festival

Nationales und internationales Kurzfilmfestival mit Wettbewerb

OFF is Denmark’s international short film festival, and with its launch in 1975, it is also the country’s oldest film festival. OFF is an alternative film festival, born with passion and creativity; a spirit the festival has maintained and nurtured ever since. OFF supports and celebrates the short film genre without compromise, but at the same time Odense International Film Festival is a festival for the audience, and every year we experience a massive support from the locals in Odense. Hundreds sign up as volunteers, and even more visit our festival for the high quality experience we deliver. OFF works all year round to support Danish film culture, and to offer and develop diverse film experiences for people to enjoy.


Odense International Film Festival
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