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26.5. - 2.6.24 Kracow Film Festival

26.5. - 2.6.24 Kracow Film Festival

Nationales und internationales Filmfestival mit Dokumentar-, Animations- und Kurzfilmen.

Krakow Film Festival is one of the oldest events in the world dedicated to documentary, animated and short feature films. It core consists of three competitions of equal rank: documentary film competition, short film competition and national competition. During the eight festival days, the viewers have a chance to watch about 250 films from Poland and from around the world. They are shown in competition sections and in special screenings. The festival is accompanied by exhibitions, concerts, open-air shows and meetings with artists. Every year, the festival is visited by approximately 900 Polish and international guests: directors, producers, festival programmers and numerous Krakow audience.

Over the years, not only the event’s programme changed, but also the standing of the festival itself. The importance of the Krakow Film Festival is asserted by the fact that it belongs to a prestigious group of festivals accredited by, among others, International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF), European Film Academy (EFA) and The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). Thanks to that it is the only Academy Awards documentary feature films qualifying festival and one of the two Academy Awards short films qualifying festivals in Poland. Krakow Film Festival is also among renowned festivals recommending short films and feature documentary films for the European Film Awards.


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