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CASTING CALL: English-speaking actor

von: pemanagpo; aufgeschaltet am 24.09.2023 13:55

For our short movie "Into the Noise", we're looking for a male lead in his 20s (or 20s passing). Long hair, slightly androgynous. Any ethnicity. Good English (US, Canadian, South American or Australian accent – the character comes to Europe from overseas).

- Filming period: 1-2 weeks, beginning of 2024 (dates to be fixed), in Basel, Switzerland;
- Involves a mild erotic scene. Will be coordinated by a professional intimacy coordinator;
- Paid.

About the character:
Noah (he/him)
Noah is secretive and calm, embodying the aura of "mysterious poet". He takes pleasure in forging his own principles and rules about everything. He's an analogue technology geek, reluctant to embrace the world of the digital. A dedicated anarchist, he hates all kinds of centralised structures: he found his way into noise music and synth-making as a form of his protest against big companies of the music industry. He finds beauty in closed, self-sustaining electrical systems as an extension of his entire worldview: a closed system himself, he's unlikely to establish a truly intimate connection very easily. He denies social media and rarely uses his phone. For all his tranquil facade, a pinch of sadness never leaves his face. Noah's favourite music track is John Cage's 4'33".

About the movie:
"Into the Noise" is the story of encounter between Lily, a lively corporate AI coder, and Noah, a dedicated anarchist and a lover of old-school analogue technology. Both full of hopes and dreams of changing the world, they meet in a DIY-synth shop and quickly find common ground in their passion for noise music. The two must navigate a short-lived yet intense romantic connection which raise questions about intimacy, politics and technological progress.

Please send us 1 introductory video and 1 video of you smoking a cigarette.

Lerie Pemanagpo

We're looking forward to your applications!
Warm regards,
Lampyridæ Collective