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The Wireless Trap

The Wireless Trap

von: rotwang; aufgeschaltet am 30.04.2014 22:45

Unser neuer Kurzfilm ist seit heute auf youtube zu sehen.

This is the first film of our Monologue-Plus series. These movies are based on a monologue featuring a single actor/actress. This turns out as a nice win-win, because the talent gets first class material for the reel and we have the chance to do proof-of-concept on cinematic features.
Our goal is to finish such a monologue-plus film in just 2 days, one day filming, one day editing. This first one was a bit more complicated, we had 2 actors and also spend time for an extensive original score and audio effects mix.

All dialogues where replaced in the recording studio, we don't believe in set tone.
Link to Video