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12.6. - 16.6.19 Grimstadt Norwegian Short Film Festival

12.6. - 16.6.19 Grimstadt Norwegian Short Film Festival

Dokumentar- und Kurzfilmfestival mit nationalem und internationalem Wettbewerb.


In addition to the competition programmes, we present retrospectives, organize panel debates and industry meetings, arrange workshops and seminars, concerts, boat trips, and many other interesting events and programmes.


The Norwegian Short Film Festival is an important debut platform for many young filmmakers in Norway, and for the more established ones, perhaps the most important showcase for free and independent films. The competition programme for international short films attracts filmmakers from all over the world to Grimstad, and the festival facilitates networking and connections between Norwegian and the international film community. The films from both the Norwegian and international competitions are discussed during daily participant gatherings.


The Norwegian Short Film Festival
Filmens Hus
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0152 Oslo
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