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"Intimacy On Set"

"Intimacy On Set"

von: Acting-Studio; aufgeschaltet am 11.02.2019 13:36

Ita O’Brien (Intimacy Coordinator & Movement Director)

With TV, and film demanding ever more nudity and sexual content, how do we work with best practice for intimate scenes? This is a two day workshop for actors, directors movement practitioners interested in exploring clear guidelines when working with intimacy from the auditioning process, through to performance on set.

Day 1 – In the morning there will be an introduction to the intimacy work, incl. short film; then we will share best practice, and in the afternoon we will work practically, sculpting moments of intimacy from scenes brought in by participants, putting into practice the Intimacy On Set Guidelines.

Day 2 – We will film the scenes worked on, and playback, gaining insights into how to approach intimacy, empowering you with clear guidelines when approaching this work.

Please apply with a short paragraph stating:
Your professional training
Any experience to date of working with intimate scenes
What you would like to get out of the workshop

For the last four years Ita O’Brien has been developing best practice when working with intimacy, scenes with sexual content, and nudity in film, TV, and theatre. The industry currently has no established guidelines or accepted process. Under-rehearsed or unsafe intimate scenes do not serve the production or keep the participants safe. There are countless examples of poor practice leaving actors with lasting damage and often compromising the production. Ita is currently working to obtain industry adoption of the ‘Intimacy on Set’ guidelines.

Many production companies are starting to adopt intimacy coordination as standard, including HBO, Sky TV, Amazon and Netflix. Ita has intimacy coordinated on several TV productions, helping to create and shape this role in the industry, including on the Netflix Original Series SEX EDUCATION – – which launched globally on Netflix on January 11th.