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Resolution - Actresses/Actors and Dancers wanted

Resolution - Actresses/Actors and Dancers wanted

von: Resolution; aufgeschaltet am 28.04.2016 21:21

We are looking for:
Males: aged between 20 – 40
Females: aged between 20 – 40

− We are looking for actors who can give strong, natural performances.
− We are also looking for performers who are good at movement or who are dancers (who may not be required to speak).
− 'Resolution' is set in a non-traditional performance space where the audience will be allowed to wander freely. As this will be a very intimate performance, we are looking for confident performers who are comfortable with the audience being very close to them.

Language: English
− The performance will be in English so all actors should ideally have a good standard of English.
− Some will be required to speak more than others so we are also looking for a few native English speakers or those who are very fluent.

Performance: Saturday 18th June, Zurich. You will be needed for the whole day.

Rehearsals: Weekends and evenings during May, in Zurich. Exact times to be confirmed with the performers.

Auditions: Auditions are likely to take place at the end of April, in Zurich.

Payment: As we are a very new company just starting out, there is unfortunately no payment but this will be a good chance to work on a unique, innovative performance with a passionate production team.

Please send your CV and headshot to Alice Knapton at by the 8th May with the title 'Resolution Casting'.

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