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ZÜRICH English Acting 15+

ZÜRICH English Acting 15+

von: filmkids; aufgeschaltet am 03.08.2023 14:18

Every Wednesday from 18:30 – 21:00. For ages 15+. All levels.
This course is being taught in English to help actors further develop a foundation in acting and take what they have already learned and build it into a competent skill set. Upcoming productions will be casting more English-speaking roles and one of the two primary intentions of this course is to help actors develop, expand, and advance their work in the English language.

This course provides the foundational principles in acting which are behind good performances and prepare the actor to do their best work. Of these principles, the course will focus on the three primary elements of understanding the material the actor is performing, the foundational components to building and developing a character, and physical (body, voice) preparation, which together form the basis of the actor’s work. Beginner actors will be introduced to these principles and actors with experience will be guided how to incorporate these elements together in order to further develop their work. We will also help the actor maintain these elements when transitioning from acting in Swiss German and German to acting in English. The course will show actors how acting in English is not as hard as it may seem, and that one does not have to lose confidence or their skills when acting in a different language.

Actors will be given material (or may bring their own) which will be developed during the seminar and the course will provide examples and performances by English-speaking actors in Zürich.

Coach: Jesse Tischler

Dates 1st Semester: 23.08.2023 / 30.08.2023 / 06.09.2023 / 13.09.2023 / 20.09.2023 / 27.09.2023 / 04.10.2023 / 2 Wochen Pause Herbstferien / 25.10.2023 / 01.11.2023 / 08.11.2023 / 15.11.2023 / 22.11.2023 / 29.11.2023 / 06.12.2023 / 13.12.2023 / 20.12.2023 / 2 Wochen Pause Winterferien / 10.01.2024 / 17.01.2024 / 24.01.2024 / 31.01.2024 / 07.02.2024

It is possible at any time to join the course with adjusted course costs and come by for a trial session. Simply send an email to info@filmkids (with course, date/time, name and phone number).

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