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5 Wochen MENTORSHIP für den Amerikanischen Schauspielmarkt - ONE LAST SPOT AVAILABLE

von: deborahmeisteractingcoaching; aufgeschaltet am 17.05.2023 04:53

A lot of actors are constantly torn between taking a step towards where they want to go and the distraction of the every day life. The Mentorship program allows actors to focus on their new goal for a designated time. Energetically speaking, magic allows happens when intention meets action.

4 Week program (OVER ZOOM) 15 hours class time, 2 hours a week homework


ALL CLASSES (except for one) are PRIVATE CLASSES

FOR the LATE MAY - JUNE Mentorship I am accepting 5 actors. (ONLY ONE SPOT IS AVAILABLE STILL)

This mentorship program is for THE PROFESSIONAL ACTOR that has not broken into the ENGLISH-SPEAKING MARKET YET and needs a turbo-introduction. YOU MUST HAVE OFFICIAL CREDITS. (Network TV, distributed Feature Films, no Extra work, no independent films with no distribution or self-made shows) This is crucial. If you don't have credits check out the JUNIOR mentorship at www.deborahmeisteractingcoaching.com or directly message me at deborahmeisteractingcoaching@gmail.com

This Mentorship lasts 4 weeks.

It is optional for any weekday during Mon- Friday discussed upon acceptance. Evening classes will take place from 19:00 Central European time.

4 h American Industry

4 h Acting classes for self tapes

1 h American Standard Class

2 h Game plan consultation

1 h Cold reads

1 h Marketing Material

1h Pitch Class

1 h Wrap up

WEEK 1 - May 22nd - 28th

- AMERICAN INDUSTRY SEMINAR - 4 hours (attended by all mentees)

- PRIVATE CONSULTATION CLASS 2 h - GAME PLAN of your situation and where you are heading next in your career. Coming up with a blue print based on assessment . Choosing self tape scenes

- Acting class 1h

(usual Retail price 590.-)

WEEK 2 May 29 - June 4th


COLD READS 1 h based on US and UK auditions. Cold reads technique for a 30min self-tape turn around.

(usual retail price 200.-)

WEEK 3 June 5th - 11th

Acting Self tape prep Class 1 hour

Marketing Material overview 1h - Assigning new self tape scenes.

HOMEWORK: shoot two self tapes

(usual retail price 200.-)

WEEK 4 June 12th - 18th

- Acting self tape prep 1 hour

- Self tape scene review and Marketing Pitch class

- CONNECTING to the US Market - pitch to ten agents, including personal referrals to Casting Directors and Managers and Agents

(usual retail price 300)



Active students who already attended the US Industry seminar will get the course at *910 *.- CHF

Accepting submissions in English - All classes will be in English. This is a program for actors with advanced English abilities.

Admission process: Please send a short self tape video with your favorite scene to deborahmeisteractingcoaching@gmail.com Please include a short introduction as to why you are ready for this next step and what your main selling point is.