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RED DSMC2 Epic Dragon, Zeiss Otus & more for rent!

RED DSMC2 Epic Dragon, Zeiss Otus & more for rent!

von: cinerentme; aufgeschaltet am 16.08.2021 16:29

Hey there! Looking for a RED, the right camera accessoires and more equipment to rent at a fair price? I rent out the following equipment for your next independent or commercial project, available in Switzerland. I'm located near Zurich City. Basic (RED Epic Dragon 6k FF Camera & Acc.):
This includes the RED DSMC2 Epic Dragon 6K FF coming with a high-quality OLED EVF, 2 RED Pro displays, more diverse mounting options (Tactical Plate), a Pro I/O modules for integrated audio recordings, multiple SSD memory cards and 4 V-mount batteries. Canon-EF Mount.
CHF 480/Day

Zeiss Otus 28mm, 55mm, 85mm Lenses EF
CHF 180/Day

Venus Laowa Probe Lens 24mm F.14 EF
CHF 60/Day

EasyRig Vario 5
CHF 80/Day

DJI Inspire 2 w/ Zenmuse X5s
CHF 120/Day

Aputure 300x w/ C-Stand
CHF 80/Day

4x4/4x2 KinoFlows w/ C-Stands
CHF 120/Day

Contact me at to set up the right package for you or if you have any questions. I'm looking forward to help you out for your next shoot!