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Geared Head WORRALL 2 Mitchell


von: film707; aufgeschaltet am 18.08.2022 15:50

zu Verkaufen: VFX WORRALL Geared Head 2 Speed / WORRALL Getriebe Kurbel Kopf 2-Gang mit Mitchell Aufnahme Adapter

Professional Motion Picture Camera Support
The Worrall Geared Head. Invented by George Worrall of the Worrall Camera Company, this head is considered to be the birth of the modern geared head. The Worrall Geared Head was the industry workhorse.
George Worrall would make more than 600 units before eventually retiring.
The manufacturing rights would be sold to Cinema Products Corporation.

In 1952, a man by the name of George Worrall invented the Worrall Geared Head. This milestone in professional camera support is considered to be the birth of the modern geared head. So much so, that in 1996 the Society of Operating Cameramen (SOC) awarded Worrall with the Technical Achievement award for the... “Invention, introduction, and the development of the Worrall Geared Head in 1952, the first stable, smooth and balanced triple- mode
geared head.”

“It’s putting mechanical parts that are available to new use.
I did what I though the cameraman needed for ease of
operation... I made a couple for Warner Brothers. And then I
never had to advertise from then on.” – George Worrall

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