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9.6. - 17.6.23 Huesca Film Festival, Spanien

9.6. - 17.6.23 Huesca Film Festival, Spanien

Internationales Dokumentar- und Kurzfilmfestival mit Wettbewerben.
Sektionen: Int. Kurzfilme, Dokumentarfilme, spanischsprachige Kurzfilme, Kurzfilme aus Aragon, Retrospektiven, Hommage

They say that the distance between two people is a smile, but between two cultures? Perhaps this is the line that bonds movies in the big screen, and from here the possibilities multiply: a long relationship with Latin America, different European feature films, documentaries, cult directors. And the lastest in technology to give life to one of the oldest short film festivals in Spain. Without doubt, to know our history one has to have lived it; nevertheless, we hope that this brief chronological history will help you know the festival a little better while you prepare your suitcase for the next month of June.


Fundación Festival de Cine de Huesca
C/ del Parque, 1-2º
22002 Huesca
Tel.:+34 974 212 582
e-mail: info(at)huesca-filmfestival.com