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Wanted: Featured Extra (DOP) for tourism campaign

Wanted: Featured Extra (DOP) for tourism campaign

von: kalle; aufgeschaltet am 07.06.2024 12:51

We are looking for a Woman 35-45 years old. Cool, confident and hands on. Pragmatic and straight-faced but perceived as a bit cold and introvert by some.

About the role: Got some impressive cinematography awards on the shelf. Pilot license in the wallet.  Sails big one-off sail boats in The Ocean Race competition. Next year she plans to kayak from Antarctica to Patagonia. Most likely pierced and tattooed.

This is an English speaking role. All dialects, gender identities and looks are welcome!

Pay: industry standard pay incl. travel expenses, buyout and accommodation

Fitting: 2 hours on the 20.06
Shooting dates: 2 shooting days in the period from 20.06 to 23.06
Prod: Mcqueen Films

You must be available on all shoot options and be able to attend the fitting dates for us to consider you!

Interested in this particular shoot?

We need the following information from you:
- Your current clothing sizes
- Your height
- Your date of birth
- Your availability
- Your e-mail address and telephone number
- Details of your previous experience

We also need the following photos:
- A portrait photo (frontal)
- One portrait photo (sideways)
- One full body photo (frontal)
- One full-body photo (sideways)

The photos should preferably be taken in daylight and unedited.

There will be an e-casting after the first round.

Many thanks and best regards

Please contact casting@mcqueenfilms.com with this information