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Looking for a Spokesperson at Zurich pride Fri / Sat

Looking for a Spokesperson at Zurich pride Fri / Sat

von: kalle; aufgeschaltet am 15.06.2022 12:30

Are you an outspoken person, who is interested to show us around the Zurich pride and tell us some perspectives on what sorts of challenges the queer community faces here in Switzerland? - Then get on board of our crew!

We are Trevor & Blaine two filmmakers from the US (with Trevor currently living in Geneve). We are working on our passion project of a documentary series, about the current state of a range of social and political issues in the US and Europe.The goal it to let our character learn more about the inclusiveness and positivity of the LGBTQ+ community and its members. Therefore, we would love to have you helping us out to realize our project. Some details:

RequirementAge: Around 20-30
Time: Friday evening 1-2hrs or/and Saturday midday 1-2 hrs, we are flexible
English speaking
Gender fluid
There is a small fee, but we are mainly looking for people who are motivated to share their perspectives.

We would love to gauge your interest in speaking with us and our host. If you are interested we’d be happy to set up a call to explain a bit more about the series and answer any questions you might have.

Thank you and very much looking forward to getting you on board!


Trevor & Blaine