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We’re looking for people to be in an edgy viral video!

We’re looking for people to be in an edgy viral video!

von: JulianQ; aufgeschaltet am 10.07.2017 23:16

We, DoMeAFavorBuddy,
are a social platform connecting people for impactful favors. And we’re looking
for awesome and interesting people to be part of an edgy global viral video.
While interest and experience in acting is beneficial, you don’t have to be a professional actor*actress.

Do you consider yourself a talented and passionate person that stands out from the
crowd in her*his own way? Do you have something to say? Do want to make the
world suck less?

This video will consist of multiple scenarios that many of us are facing today - from minor inconveniences to the effects of larger problems like racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. - things that make our world suck.
Solutions will be provided a humorous way by a doing a favor done by a friend (or someone that becomes a friend in the process), emphasizing that even at the worst of times, if we all look out for each other, we can truly transform the world – one favor at a time.

We’re not making any money yet but we do have a vision to share. While you will only receive a token payment – you’re getting an opportunity to be a part of something bigger. And it is great for resume and reel building.

The shooting will take place during the weekend of the 4th - 6th of August 2017.
There will be a quick audition for the principal roles. It will take place this weekend, 15th and 16th July in the Collab ImpactHub here in Zurich.

We look forward to hearing from you.

us on

Role 1: Black Male Actor being racially profiled by the
police, urgently in need of a favor. approx. 18-28, trendy principal shoot: 4. August, 22:00

Role 2: Caucasian Male Actor as friend of black male who
comes to his rescue, 18-28, trendy principal shoot: 5. August, 00:00
shoot: 5. August, 00:00

Role 3: Woman being mansplained to, approx. 18 – 28, trendy,
urban principal shoot: 5. August, 14:30

Role 4: Female computer nerd approx. 18 -28 shoot: 5. August, 15:45

Role 5: Mansplainer male, approx. 25-35 shoot: 5. August, 14:30
5. August, 14:30

Role 6: Bodybuilder with big muscles principal shoot: 4. August, 18:30

Roles 7 and 8: Gay male couple, approx. 18 – 28, trendy principal shoot: 6. August, 01:30

Roles 9 and 10: Thugs, various ethnicities, approx. 18 -28 principal shoot: 6. August, 00:00

Extras/Crowd: Urban commuters on their way to a party, various
ethnicities approx. 18 -28 principal shoot: 4. August, 18:30
shoot: 4. August, 18:30

The shooting for the roles 3,4,5,9 and 10 will take
maximally 3 hours and will be paid 70 swiss francs.

The principal shooting for the roles 1,2,6,7 and 8 will take maximally 3 hours. These roles will also appear in one shot and as part of the crowd during the party (shooting: 5. August 22:00)
5. August 22:00) which will take another 2.5 hours to shoot) where they will party with the crowd on a rooftop in central Zurich. The ones willing could also participate in a little after going out Limmat-bathing shoot in the dawn of the next morning (Now isn’t that romantic! J)These roles will be paid 100 swiss francs.
roles will be paid 100 swiss francs.