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von: aureliamarine; aufgeschaltet am 01.01.2019 12:32

For a short Gangster-Thriller of a well-established Director, we are seeking to fill following roles:

- Female Leading Role. Female, early 20’s to play a hooker (no nudity). Own and strong character.

- Male Leading Role. Male, early 30’s, he’s got American-Style.
He is an normal employee/Manager but frustrated about his life at this stage.
Leading him to bad choices.

- Supporting Role 1: Male, 40’s, loan shark, fearless Gangster

- Supporting Role 2: Male, Late teens. He is a pizza delivery boy and a bit naive.

- Supporting Role 2: Male, Street thug/Gangster.

These are leading/supporting speaking roles. Language is Englisch. Accents are accepted. Please specifiy your accent when applying.

We are also looking to fill following featured extras roles:

Mother with a 5 years old, Customer in 40’s, Model in early 30’s, Client in early 50’s, Gang Boss in late 50’s (he is big and scary).

We are in early porduction-stage, however we are ready to look at special characters to be heavily considered for the roles.

CASTING: Live Castings tbd

February/March 2019 (approx 2 + 2 shooting days for leading & supporting roles ] approx. 1 shooting day for featured extras.)


If you are interested to be considered for one of the above roles, please apply by providing following informations:

(please read carefully)

- Portrait and full body shot (please apply with professional pictures or proper photographed portraits in front of a white wall. (In mail - max 2-3 pictures, max 1MB/picture, no Selfies or Instagram Filter)

- 1 Showreel-Link if you have any (please do not send several single links)

- Your acting-skills / education or similiar roles you have played before

-Please let us know about the role you are applying for & your specific skills for the role

- Your phone number, age, height and any languages you speak

Please send your application with the title ’Thriller FOLLOW' to:

or register directly here
(in this case you will be notified for further jobs matching your profile)

We look forward hearing from you!
Your - Team