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PARASOMNIAC Fiction Film 2019

PARASOMNIAC Fiction Film 2019

von: eduardvijulie; aufgeschaltet am 06.01.2019 18:36

Happy new year dear film-makers!

We’re still looking for a few people to join the team.
We are making a feature film this year.
It’s about a man who develops and extraordinary sleepwalking condition during a hypnosis therapy program against insomnia.
That’s the synopsis.

Most of us work during the week, so this is a weekend-passion project!
We don’t have money to pay you in advance, but you wil sign a contract which guarantees that you’ll get a percentage if we manage to sell the film.


(1st) Assistant Director
Assistant DOP/Camera
Sound Recordist
Makeup & Hair
Production Assistant/Allrounder

Filming dates: 01st - 14th July 2019

Before the filming in July, we’d need you 2-3 hours a week for preparation.
Most of this prep work can be done remotely and we will meet only once a month on a Saturday.
Write us an email and tell us what role you would like to be considered for.


Mitglieder gehen ein ganzes Jahr zum halben Preis ins Xenix