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Producer/Production Assistant (PraktikantIn 50%)

Producer/Production Assistant (PraktikantIn 50%)

von: eduardvijulie; aufgeschaltet am 19.04.2017 15:29

Greetings everybody!

We are making a feature film - a psychological thriller - this summer in Bern and we are looking for someone who can take the role of the producer. We are going into pre-production in 2 weeks and we are filming between 18th Aug-08 Sept 2017.

At this stage we have a solid Application Pack and we are looking for funding. This project is undoubtedly destined for success; the concept has not been explored in cinema in such a way before, it has a unique story structure and it won't cost much to produce. The role suits someone who lives in or near Bern and who has a passion for filmmaking. Experience is not a must and if you're a beginner but have thick skin and can handle pressure, this could be your ticket to the heights of a producing career. That being said, you could apply as a PraktikantIn. We are going into pre-production in 2 weeks and you could be wrapped at the end of shooting.

You would be expected to have good organisational skills, to think fast on your feet, to speak good English and to be fun as well as disciplined. For the preproduction phase you won't be needed every day, this is quite flexible. Depending on the funding we find, you may receive a contract that entitles you to to a percentage of the revenue.


During a dubious therapy program against insomnia, an ordinary man develops a special sleepwalking condition.


Alex Arman joins a suspicious Therapy Program to cure his insomnia through personalised hypnosis tapes but things get out of control when he finds out that he is sleepwalking. During sleepwalking episodes, a better self comes out at night, in effect, two different personalities sharing one body. Even though the sleepwalker aspires for a better, healthier life, Alex feels threatened and thinks is in danger since he has no recollection of this ‘nightlife’.
Reality, sleepwalking and dreams take us on a journey into Alex’s subconscious mind while he tries to find the cause of this abnormal state of mind. Will he wake up on the other side?

If you want to find out more about this, send an email to or ring 0762663008.

Director's showreel:

Many thanks