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von: eduardvijulie; aufgeschaltet am 09.02.2019 15:56

Still looking for a few crew members.

Logline: During a hypnosis therapy program against insomnia, an ordinary man develops an extraordinary sleepwalking condition.

Synopsis: Alexander Arman is a timid young chef who joins an online therapy program to cure his insomnia through personalized hypnosis tapes.

But instead of a cure, he’s now got a bigger problem - somnambulism.

During sleepwalking episodes another self comes out at night, in effect, two different personalities are sharing one body.

The sleepwalker aspires for a better life but Alex tries to sabotage him-self because he has no recollection of this nightlife. When original Alex wakes up on the other side, he learns that the terrifying clues found in the morning are not at all what they appeared to be.

Most of us work during the week, this is a weekend-passion project.

We are still looking for funding so we can't guarantee payment in advance but you will sign a contract which entitles you to a percentage of the film if sold..



Assistant DOP / Camera

Sound recordist


Makeup & Hair


Filming dates: 01st - 14th July 2019

We might need some help with preparing for the filming but this will be only a few hours every month before July.

Most of this prep work can be done remotely and we will only meet once a month on a Saturday. Write us an email and tell us what role you're interested to fill.