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Casting call (non-paid)

von: Geert; aufgeschaltet am 13.08.2019 12:51

Dear all

We are making a short film with a group of volunteers in Zürich/Andelfingen. The film is a comedy about a New Yorker who sees himself obliged to survive for one year in a small Swiss town in order to secure his long awaited promotion, and deals with the typical misunderstandings and culture shocks when expats arrive to Switzerland. We are still looking for a few actors/actresses:

- Martina: Female, approx. 28-35 years, native Swiss speaker + English (accent in English is no problem)
- Brenda: Female, approx. 30-40 years, language not important as this is a minor role with no lines
- Roger Federer. Yes you have read that right, we are looking for a look-a-like of Roger Federer. This is a minor role and has one short line

The shooting will take place during the weekends of September-October (detailed shot plan being developed right now)